Jessica Bear’s seamless merging of holistic design and behavior science within rigid medical building codes is fantastic.  She intuitive approach focuses on functionality (ADA/barrier-free, bariatric, gerontologic) while incorporating environmental science to decrease stress, irritability, peritraumatic association, and healing time while increasing the satisfaction and personal referrals from patients.  Her work has been published in Health Care Design Magazine, been the lead advertisements for Champion Chairs, and shared her research at USU and BYU-Idaho design programs.  Her services include hospice, assisted living, hospital, specialty clinics, and doctor/counseling offices.  View her brochure here.

Although most individuals with a traumatic history have peritraumatic dissociation, or the disassociation of the event with the consciousness or declarative components of memory, these memories are coded and retrieved within the mind by sensory perception that parallels the event.  Thus, these triggers can be as unique as the individual who carries them.  So say, when an individual was in a terrible bike crash and remembers the lime green car paint and the distant sound of an ice cream truck, whenever they see that green or hear that jingle, they have a flashback of the event in vivid detail and experience the same potent emotions that it may seem to them that they are in the crash again, and may even feel their scrapes and breaks anew.  Knowing this, I would avoid either triggers in design (especially the color) until the individual has trained their mind not to lapse on reflex.

Her down-to-earth personality and respect for maintaining a budget makes Jessica Bear so easy to design with! She has set design packages, so you won't be over-charged, that include floor plans, design drawings and renderings, digital design boards with links for easy purchasing, and tiered purchasing plans to accomplish the design in case your initial budget isn’t as large as you wish. She listens intently and offers a few design options that work best for your lifestyle now and for years to come. Her intuitive taste is gorgeously sophisticated and can satisfy clean modern, contemporary, French country, Tuscan rustic, and current design trends. Call her today for a free consultation!

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Given the diversity and range on an individual level, it may seem impossible to design a room void of these triggers for a public area; but there are certain images and sounds or common symbols within cultural societies’ that carry a positive association, or at least neutral or void of negative association.  Some of the components of this mediation room are:

Tree Form: Trees connote feelings of protection, peaceful growth, and cyclical change.
Subtle and Broad Color Pallet: Utilizing the natural exterior color pallet triggers a variety of neutral or pleasant memories because of the commonplace or constant exposure to the individual.
Direct and consistent texture/audio: running water, soft suede sofas, real plants that breath and mellow lighting all serve in this instance as pleasant distractions that encourage the mind to function properly.

A Bit of Jessica Bear's Research: